Assisting online Merchants with API Integrations.

Trading online has more risks then every before. Confidia helps companies with Payment flows using multiple Payment providers with KYC and AML integration to meet new standards.

Making sure your website is PCI DSS compliant and externally audited to meet your requirements to your Payment processors and banks is difficult for most small business.

Confidia offers software solutions to enable easier payment flows with security and ID checks fully integrated. Our Secure Servers are based in Sydney Australia and managed 24/7 by our experienced team.

What is KYC AML?
KYC or “Know Your Customer” is a process that identifies the client before doing business with them. This reduces fraud and keeps your business compliant with the current online trading standards.

Integration to new Payment technology including Digital wallets and direct online payments can all be automated using our API solutions. Allowing you to transact like a local in countries outside of Australia.


All business clients have access to a POS page that enables real-time payments to be made easily in retail environments.

By using a dedicated webpage, staff can easily generate a QR code for users of the Confidia Digital Wallet to make payment. No login is required and no personal account information is shown on the POS page.

This system allows retail clients to accept payments quickly and easily with no transaction fees. This is a free service to all of Confidia clients.